GOSSIP - hot pink, high grade professional acrylic paint, by Stuart Semple 100ml

GOSSIP - hot pink, high grade professional acrylic paint, by Stuart Semple 100ml


                                                      GOSSIP (hot pink)

Softbody acrylic colour

Bubblegum scented
Very Opaque
Ultra lightfast

POTION is a range of top quality professional acrylic paints by Stuart Semple. You can see the full range by clicking HERE.

After 15 years of making his own paints, Stuart Semple has been able to formulate and release a new breed of acrylic paint. For the first time his FULL RAINBOW palette is available to all artists* can share in these incredible colours.


POTION is made in small batches in a paint factory attached to Stuart's studio in England, These are extremely special paints that only use the very best pure acrylic resins, they're mega-saturated with the finest quality pigments in the world. Stuart has also added a distinctive scent to each of his colour creations. Unlike other commercial paint brands (mentioning no names) there's absolutely no scrimping on quantity or quality of ingredients here.

Stuart has designed these paints to withstand the demands and challenges of today's contemporary painters.These are not student quality or craft quality paints, These super potent mixes are made to pack a punch on a variety of surfaces and stand the test of time. Meaning your work will stay brilliant and vibrant for centuries.

In the usual open-source spirit, these paints have been designed to play perfectly with almost any other acrylic paint or medium that you might already be using.

POTION can be used on canvas, paper, wood, plaster, fabric, masonry and almost any non-slick, non-oily surface.

  • Air dry in approx 30 mins at 21 degrees centigrade, re-coat after 3 hours.
  • Water resistant when dry
  • Water soluble when wet
  • Brush - straight from bottle
  • Roller - dilute with 10% water
  • Airbrush / spray - dilute with 20 - 25% water
  • Outdoors - yes!
  • Lightfastness - as good as it gets!
  • Archival quality - of course
  • Coverage - one bottle approx 2.4 x 2.4 meters (varies depending on absorbency tested on gesso'd canvas)
  • Fabric - yes it sticks well to most fabrics. It will make it stiff, if you add water it might reduce the colour. When dry, it's permanent so no heat setting needed. Hand wash clothes and dry on the line. Leave for 5 days before first wash.
  • Compatibility with other acrylics & mediums - plays nicely with most mediums and acrylic paint brands.
  • Scents - what twisted mind makes bubblegum and parma-violet scented pro acrylic paint?
  • Clean up - wash with warm soapy water, don't let it dry on your brush.

*YES all artists! It's time the miserable ones had a bit more colour in their life - Stuart wants to share the rainbow with them, he thinks they need it.