SHIFT - Colour changing rainbow paint - Black 2.0 x Rainbow Liquid

SHIFT - Colour changing rainbow paint - Black 2.0 x Rainbow Liquid

SHIFT is a colour changing paint set by Stuart Semple.

SHIFT makes it easy to create a variety of colour-shifting artworks and objects. 

 Finally it’s possible for all artists* from anywhere in the world to paint with the rainbow!

SHIFT changes from BLACK through the spectrum at temperatures between 24 and 29 degrees centigrade. When you touch things coated with it your body heat will enable them to change colour, or they will change in different environments. 

SHIFT makes use of BLACK 2.0 (the mattest, flattest black acrylic) as a base coat and Stuart’s RAINBOW LIQUID, which is a very special coating that uses the best quality Chiral Liquid (one of the world's most expensive colour changing substances) in a unique varnish that is perfectly compatible with BLACK 2.0, and designed to shift colour on almost any surface (even unicorns!)

 Each colour changing paint pack contains:

  • 50ml Black 2.0 acrylic paint
  • 2ml Rainbow Liquid coating 

Estimated coverage 20cm square (depending on how porous surface is and how many coats are required).



  • paint your object or artwork with BLACK 2.0 (use a soft brush and a LITTLE paint) you might need a couple of coats. If you are coating a porous surface (cardboard, wood etc it’s a good idea to seal it first with watered down PVA glue

RAINBOW LIQUID (can be applied by brush OR spray airbrush) 

  • Pour out a small amount of Rainbow Liquid, give it a good mix with the end of a paintbrush
  • Paint a nice, even thin layer over the BLACK 2.0
  • Let it dry and repeat if you want (probably not necessary)
  • To airbrush: add a small amount of distilled water to rainbow liquid, stir well and coat with a few thin even layers. 


  • RAINBOW LIQUID is ALIVE so you need to store it in the fridge until you use it. 
  • Give it a little shake every couple of days to keep it activated


  • Eat, drink, ingest, tattoo or swallow these potions
  • Don’t get these in your eyes or mouth

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